What is the effect of the homeopathic plant treatment?

With homeopathic treatment, plants are more strong and robust and less delicate or susceptible to suffer from pests and diseases. The possibilities are varied (treatment options).

Treatment with homeopathic globules is non-toxic for all living beings. Air and groundwater stay clean. Additionally, it is an inexpensive treatment because your plants are steadily becoming more and more robust and will require less treatment in the future.

Your way to consultation

Step 1

photo with smartphone

Take 2 or 3 photos with your smartphone: the plant in its surrounding and some details like the topping of the fungal disease or the pest on a leaf.

Step 2

call up consultation form

Call up the consulting form on my website and attach the photos.

Step 3


I will reply contemporary and start working for your individual elaborated treatment plan. In case of doubt or any queries I contact you before.  

Step 4

watering can

You receive your treatment by e-mail (example, PDF) including dosage and instructions for use. The treatment of your plants is ready to start!