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Homeopathy for Plants: full course in English

This full course on Homeopathy for Plants will teach you everything you need to know about applying and successfully treating plants and trees using homeopathy. First off, you become familiar with basics of organic gardening, including basic information about soil and how to best prepare your soil using homeopathy. In addition, we'll discuss weather damage and how to help treat and prevent weather damage homeopathically.

We'll also talk about pests, their role in household gardens and how to best treat and prevent pest invasions in acute cases. Subsequently, we'll also cover a large variety of diseases that can affect plants and how to effectively help treat and prevent said diseases in acute cases using homeopathy.

Next, we will discuss a number of special measure for preparing seeds and young plants and which homeopathic remedies to use as strengthening tonics for the growth of our plants. To conclude with, we'll provide you with a couple of useful remedy kits that can be applied in different circumstances as well as give some practical recommendations for variety of recurring applications that are very effective when applied throughout the year.

All in all, if you're a gardener who loves plants as well as homeopathy, then this course is just right for you!

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