Our price list for amateur gardeners

General inquiries concerning our services are free. Please use our contact form or call.

Further consultations with increased effort will be charged at €15.00 per e-mail.

Phone consultation
phone conversation
call duration 5-10 minutes
15,00 €
call duration 10-15 minutes
20,00 €
call duration 15-20 minutes
25,00 €
  • Recommendation of one homeopathic remedy
  • Dosage instructions
  • Recommended use
Online consultation
E-Mail-consultation 39,00 €
  • Detailed diagnosis based on your submitted photographs
  • Elaborated, individually prepared treatment plant (example, PDF) with at least two recommended homeopathic remedies for you to print at home
  • Dosage instructions
  • Recommended use


For professionals in agriculture, winegrowing and gardening

Good reasons

  • Less susceptibility for diseases (treatment options)
  • Control of weather damage
  • Reduction of chemical plant protection agents
  • Reduction of fertilizer
  • Protection and preservation of biodiversity
  • No withdrawal period between application and harvest
  • Cost reduction
  • Sustainability

My offer

Season bundle

  • Consultation and treatment plans all over the season for strengthening your plantations from the beginning
  • Direct and contemporary communication by smartphone
  • Please ask my non-committal offer: