How to prepare the remedy mixture (10 liters) for your plants

A dosage table for other amounts can be found here (PDF 104 KB for printing)

Step 1

Globuli im 30er Set.

Select the correct remedy

Step 2

Globuli auswählen.

Use 6 globules of the potency C 30 or C 200, which is sufficient for 10 liters of the remedy mixture.

Step 3

Globuli auflösen lassen

Let the globules dissolve in water. It is practical to use a screw top lid for this step.

Step 4


Shake to dynamise the active substance.

Step 5


Put the remedy mixture in a plastic watering can filled with 10 liters of water.

Step 6


Stir with a wooden stick.

Step 7


Water the plants, the roots and, if possible, the leaves. For smaller amounts, adapt the number of globules accordingly. See our dosage table here (PDF for printing).